Kitchen hygiene under control:
Cleaning as one of the three cornerstones

The kitchen is where food is prepared for consumption. Compliance with the strictest hygiene standards is of the essence here. Apart from personal hygiene and proper handling of food, a clean work environment is one of the three cornerstones for minimising risk. Here Wetrok can provide you with optimal support – with many years of cleaning expertise and a tested, safe product range for the food environment.

Wetrok Levanex:
How does the innovative 3-phase system work?

The specialist cleaner Wetrok Levanex has a sophisticated formulation with triple effect:

  1. The surfactants and solvents penetrate the encrustations and break them apart.
  2. The mini abrasive particles in the cleaning solution remove residues from the surface without a trace.
  3. The mini abrasive particles polish the surface and create a long-lasting pearling effect.

As a result, the specialist cleaner is highly effective at removing oily, greasy encrustations and burned-in bits. The result: an incomparable cleaning effect on stainless steel and glass ceramic surfaces.

Hygiene in the kitchen:
Organisation and prevention are essential

The kitchen is an area with strict hygiene rules – when it comes to food preparation, storage, codes of behaviour, processes and cleaning. Specifically, every company in the food processing industry requires an overarching hygiene plan. The hygiene concept is made up of the HACCP concept (hazard analysis of critical control points) and the defined measures of the cleaning and hygiene plans. The goal of these measures: Prevent hazards, ensure food safety. In order to achieve this, Wetrok offers you the right products for the sensitive kitchen environment.

Cleaning products in a food environment:
What needs to be considered?

When choosing cleaning products in food-processing areas, a few factors need to be considered. Cleaning products for a food environment need to:

  • e very good at dissolving dirt
  • make the cleaning process as time-saving as possible
  • enable residue-free removal with water
  • guarantee a hygienic food environment
  • be largely free of scents and colorants
  • be compatible with the defined process in the cleaning and hygiene plan.
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With the Wetrok kitchen cleaners, you obtain an all-round safe product line that fulfils the points outlined above.

Another important aspect when choosing a product: cleaning agents must be easy to use. The Wetrok product developers pay particular attention to this point. This is because: the simpler a product is in terms of dosage, application and explanation, the fewer usage errors can occur.

Product test:
What the kitchen pros say

Wetrok kitchen cleaners have been thoroughly tested by specialists – for their suitability, cleaning efficiency and safety of use. Tests were carried out in various catering area – for example in food processing companies, large kitchens and kitchens in social institutions.

The unanimous conclusion: The Wetrok kitchen cleaner product line delivers on its promise. Urs Schneeberger is one of the testers. He has worked as a chef for many years and tested three Wetrok kitchen cleaners for a period of one month. His top three claims for kitchen cleaners: high grease dissolving power, short contact time and residue-free cleanliness.

Cleaning methods for the kitchen:
Free instructions for download (PDF)

Find instructions for over 30 cleaning methods in the Wetrok method finder. These include the classic kitchen cleaning methods of wet wiping, wet mopping, wet scrubbing and scrub drying.
Let Butler Ben show you how it's done and download the PDF guide.